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BNI® Official Logos

This section contains all versions of the official BNI logo permissible for use. These logos may be downloaded by BNI Directors, chapters, and members for appropriate BNI uses. Please note that these BNI logos are registered trademarks and must always be used in accordance with the BNI Branding Standards available for download on this page. Close attention should be paid to the clear space around the logo, always use the vector version wherever possible to ensure the best resolution, and use professional printers for reproduction.

  1. BNI Logo (JPG Format, CMYK - High Resolution, ZIP file)
  2. BNI Logo (JPG File, Black & White - High Resolution)
  3. BNI Logo (EPS Format, PMS 506 & Black & White - Vector, ZIP file)
  4. BNI Foundation Logo (JPG Format, ZIP file)
  5. BNI Branding Standards Document (PDF Format)
  6. Proud Member Logos & Guidelines (EPS Format, PDF Format, ZIP file)
  7. Social Media Logos & Guidelines (ZIP file)

BNI® 30th Anniversary Logo

  1. BNI 30th Anniversary Logo (JPG Format)
  2. BNI 30th Anniversary Logo (EPS Format)

BNI Member downloads